Dedication and professionalism
Diana Lopes
Diana Lopes
“I can’t remember when I decided I wanted to be a vet, but I’m told I’d been saying that was what I wanted to do since I was quite young. I grew up around animals and I’ve always believed I had a special bond with them. So, I can safely say I’m doing my dream job.

I have a Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine, which I completed at Lisbon University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2019; I’ve also taken additional training in several specialties, such as echography, dermatology and cardiology. My main areas of interest are medical imaging, general internal medicine, cardiology and dermatology.

For me, veterinary medicine is a constant learning process; it’s about understanding those who don’t have a voice, and having the privilege of caring for them at the best and worst of times.”

My two dogs, Bernardo and Teodoro, and my cat, Vader, are my “children”.

In my free time I enjoy exercising, reading, travelling and doing photography.
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