Dedication and professionalism
Nicole Baião
Nicole Baião
Veterinary nurse
I’ve been around animals since I was a kid. My first furry friend was a rabbit, who I got when I was five years old. That was where my love for exotic animals came to life, and after that I always had hamsters: Xica, Nera and Snow, and they were adorable little animals. There is also Nicky, my elderly canine companion, who has taught me a lot as I’ve watched him grow throughout my life journey. After entering this “life”, I came across Batata, who sparked my fascination with felines. They make us feel things, happiness and sadness; they’re family and I couldn’t have made a better choice than living with and caring for them, with some (loving) gentle biting included. 
I enjoy having time for myself, watching TV, going for walks, going to the beach, and I also do some pet sitting. 

Graduate in Veterinary Nursing from the Escola Agrária de Elvas (2013).
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