Dedication and professionalism
Melissa Ramos
Melissa Ramos
“I’ve loved animals since I was a kid and I always wanted a four-legged friend. Throughout my childhood I had birds, fish, turtles and a rabbit, but I was always asking my parents for a dog or a cat. My pup Nina was my great companion for 13 years and she was the best dog ever. Now I have my kitten Ellie, who’s a bit bonkers, but can also be very sweet when she wants to. 
Although my academic background is in a different field, I’ve always been very interested in veterinary medicine, and the opportunity to get involved presented itself here, which I am very grateful for. Being the first point of contact between customers and the clinic, and having the chance to deal with all sorts of species is very rewarding and a constant learning curve.”
Cao Gato

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